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Azithromycin 1canadianantibiotics.com is a powerful and well tolerable antibiotic which is commonly administered to al age groups of patients and is approved for treatment of bacterial infections in pregnant and breastfeeding patients. The sufficient studies have not revealed any potential risks for an unborn baby and a mother with Azithromycin moderate dosage. Before starting your treatment, please, consult your health care provider on individual dosages and schedule. How to take Azithromycin in http://1canadianantibiotics.com/buy-zithromax-online/ properly? Azithromycin must be taken in exact dosages and in exact intervals of time. Commonly a patient is prescribed two or three intakes which must be taken each twelve or each eight hours. Do not try to speed up the treatment and to exceed the dosage. A bigger dosage does not induce fast recovery, however it boosts the risk of getting overdosed. In case you miss a dosage of Azithromycin, please, take it as soon as you remember. But mind, that if the time is close to the intake of the next dosage, then you must take only one dosage. In case you vomit within an hour after the intake of the medicine, please, take another dosage of the drug. Do not stop the treatment if you feel better. Take the pills for as long as it is prescribed to you by your doctor or as it is indicated in the medication guide.