Lawsuit for Special Education Records

August 09, 2016

Ever since the State of Michigan created the controversial Education Achievement Authority (EAA) to take over failing schools in Detroit, there have been complaints that students with disabilities are not receiving adequate special education services.  The EAA outsourced special education services to a for-profit company called Futures Education of Michigan, paying the company millions of taxpayer dollars to serve our most vulnerable children.  Details regarding this private company’s actual services, however, have remained elusive. 

After the EAA failed to provide public records regarding its contract with and oversight over Futures, the ACLU of Michigan filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act in April 2015 to obtain the documents.  The EAA failed to respond to the lawsuit, and a judge ordered the EAA to turn over the requested records.  Only some of the requested records were produced, and the lawsuit remains pending. 

(Tolbert v. Michigan Education Achievement Authority; Cooperating Attorney Ralph Simpson.)

View the full 2014-2015 Legal Docket.

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