One Year with the Woman I Love

March 18, 2015

Almost one year ago, I looked into the eyes of Glenna, the woman I have loved for 27 years and said those two magical words that would forever seal our union as one.It was a long time coming. But on that day, Glenna and I unintentionally made history when we became the first same-sex couple to legally marry in the state of Michigan.

Just the day before, Judge Friedman struck down Michigan’s marriage ban. That ruling was stayed, then appealed to the 6th Circuit which reversed the decision, and is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

But for just a brief moment in time, marriage was the law of the land in Michigan and Glenna and I, along with more than 300 same-sex couples were free to marry.

Now, as we celebrate our one-year anniversary of marriage, we remain committed to securing the freedom to marry for all loving couples in Michigan, and nationwide.

I never thought that I would have the freedom to marry the woman I love in my lifetime. But since that fateful day when marriage was briefly legal in our state, I have been overwhelmed with the outpour of support Glenna and I have received from our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. It has warmed my heart.

While our union was not immediately recognized in Michigan, we have since won a court case—thanks in large part to the ACLU of Michigan—which now requires our home state to respect our union. And at long last, my wife and I are no longer denied the rights and protections that only marriage can provide.

But this joy remains bittersweet. Because even though our union is now respected, I cannot help but feel sorrow for the thousands of Michiganders who are still denied this most fundamental right.

I know in my heart of hearts that all Michiganders should have the freedom to marry their one true love. That’s why Glenna and I will continue to fight until all Michiganders have this right. 

Guest post from Marsha Caspar, Lead Plaintiff in Caspar v. Snyder