Prop 8 Decision Impacts Us All

May 26, 2009

Rana Elmir, ACLU of Michigan Communications Director

In a 6-to-1 decision, the California Supreme Court ruled against the ACLU in our effort to overturn Proposition 8.  This means that marriages of same-sex couples will continue to be banned in California. However, on a positive note, all marriages that took place before the election will be legally recognized.

This ban is deeply disappointing, especially in light of the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling saying that it is unconstitutional to keep gay couples from marrying -- and the passage of laws opening marriage to everyone by the Vermont and Maine legislatures. Since the vote on Prop 8, there has been a tidal wave of momentum in favor of full equality. Six states now embrace marriage equality for same-sex couples, and several more are on the brink.  California has been a leader in standing up for equality, and we believe it can be again as Californians continue to fight to reverse this injustice at the ballot.

After all, same-sex couples have the same hopes, dreams and concerns for their families as everyone else. They should be allowed the dignity, recognition, and responsibility that come with marriage, just like everyone else.

Matt Coles, the director of the national ACLU's LGBT project, recorded a personal message about California's decision, what it means for people’s lives and its impact on the freedoms of all Americans. Listen  to what Matt has to say about the Prop 8 decision and the important work the ACLU is doing to protect the personal freedoms of all Americans.
Matt Coles ACLU LGBT Project