Seven-Year-Old Handcuffed at School

March 04, 2016

In October 2015 a “school resource officer” working in Flint handcuffed a seven-year-old student with ADHD when the student did not immediately respond to the officer’s instruction.  The student was not a threat to himself or others and was handcuffed for nearly an hour solely on account of his disability-related behavior.  In March 2016 the ACLU wrote a letter on behalf of the family seeking wholesale policy changes to ensure that no more children are handcuffed at school.  We are continuing to work with Flint in an attempt to resolve the matter. 

(ACLU of Michigan Attorneys Amy Senier, Michael J. Steinberg and Mark Fancher; Cooperating Attorney Mark Finnegan; National ACLU Attorneys Susan Mizner and Claudia Center.)