Stop the Drive to Write Intolerance into Michigan's Constitution

August 08, 2003

August 8, 2003

A drive to amend the Michigan Constitution to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman, invalidate all local domestic partnership laws and nullify Michigan civil rights protections based on marital status is beginning. State Senator Alan Cropsey, R-DeWitt has announced that he will introduce legislation for a constitutional amendment when the Legislature returns to work in September.

Spurred by Canada’s recent decision to legalize gay marriages, the American Family Association led by Gary Glenn, a right-wing anti-gay organization is leading this effort.

Now is the time to oppose such an amendment to Michigan’s Constitution.  Please feel free to use any of the following talking points when you call, write, fax, or e-mail your state senator and representative.

-- Michigan already has a law that limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. Some cities, such as Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Kalamazoo have chosen to recognize same-sex couples for certain city employment benefits and protections. Recognizing same-sex couples for such benefits treats people equally and does not undermine the sanctity of a heterosexual marriage. A constitutional amendment would wipe out these benefits and protections.

-- Such a constitutional amendment would wipe out state and local protections against discrimination based on marital status. Landlords could legally refuse to rent to any unmarried couple, both opposite sex and same-sex couples.  Employers could be prevented from providing domestic partner benefits.

-- It would forbid local governments from serving their traditional role as testing ground for stronger civil rights laws.

-- The amendment would reverse the constitutional tradition of protecting, not harming individual freedoms.  The proposed amendment, by contrast, would deny all protection for the most personal decisions made by thousands of families in Michigan.

-- This amendment would harm same-sex households in every county in Michigan. 

Amending the Michigan Constitution is an extreme act.  ACT NOW!