The Story Project

Put a human face on LGBT issues be part of
The Story Project.

Send us your story! Identifying information will be kept anonymous upon request. The ACLU of Michigan’s LGBT Project is collecting stories from individuals who have experienced bias because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The stories will be used to help educate both the straight and LGBT communities about the ways in which Michigan’s laws put same-gender-loving and LGBT families at risk and to help create a broad-based alliance of community members who can help secure fundamental legal protections for all Michigan residents. Stories, poems, oral histories, and other forms of expression will be compiled for inclusion in an educational publication.

You may complete a confidential and secure on-line form, or contact Kara Jennings, Project Staff Attorney (Tom Steel Fellow), if you’d prefer to share your story by telephone at 313.578.6817.

Please include information about the ways in which your experiences have been influenced by your race, ethnic identity, sex, religion, economic status, ability, age, or immigration status.