Tell Michigan House Representatives to Oppose Discriminatory Telemedicine Senate Bill 1198

November 28, 2018


The Michigan Senate just passed a bill intended to restrict a woman's access to abortion by banning telemedicine. Senate Bill 1198 inappropriately singles out reproductive health care by preventing use of telemedicine — a technological advance that is expanding access to health care nationwide — for an abortion.

Medical experts like the American College of Gynecologists oppose this type of bill because it's meant to block access to care with no medical basis.

This bill has little to do with women's health. It is designed by politicians, not doctors, to cut off access to safe, legal abortion.

Please call your state representative and tell them to vote no on Senate Bill 1198. Find your state representative and phone number here.

In Michigan, there is no OB/GYN physician in nearly one-third of our 83 counties. Rural women are more likely to be farther from health services and may have to travel substantial distances to access abortion care, Senate Bill 1198 cuts off a safe option.

Tell your governor and state representative that you won't stand for more restrictions on women's access to abortion care.

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