Tell State Legislators: Don’t Use Women for Political Gain

Take Action Here: Tell your representative and speaker of the house to stop pandering to anti-choice forces

You can tell it’s an election year in Michigan. Our state legislators, including House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford Twp.), are cowering to anti-choice forces that seek to limit a woman's access to reproductive healthcare in Michigan.

State legislators are pushing through an unnecessary and wasteful bill which would prohibit abortion methods that are already banned by the ultra-conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

Speaker Dillon can stop this wasteful legislation, but he needs to hear from people like you.

Click here to tell your representative and Speaker of the House Andy Dillon to stop wasting our tax dollars on an issue designed only to gain personal political favor from anti-choice forces >>

Michigan Senate Bill 776 prohibits a rarely used, yet medically necessary abortion method, and does not provide an exception to protect a woman’s health. Furthermore, no matter what Michigan law says, this medical method is already outlawed here and across the country.

Not only is this bill unnecessary, it is political pandering at its worst -- allowing our legislators to interfere into the personal moral decisions of women and their families at the behest of anti-choice forces.

Tell your representative and Speaker Dillon that rather than spending our time on divisive unnecessary legislation, we should work together to promote policies that support a woman’s ability to make informed and responsible health care decisions. Policies that would promote:

  • Comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education;
  • Access to family planning clinics;
  • Equal prescription coverage for contraceptives;
  • and, make sure emergency contraception is available to women who need it.

Let’s not allow the contentious politics of abortion to drive wedges between us. Tell your representative and Speaker Dillon to work for progress in Michigan instead of continuing the wasteful and divisive antics that now define the Michigan legislature.

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