White House Hijacks Patriot Reform

November 17, 2005

Calls to Congress Needed TODAY https://secure.aclu.org/callnow/readmore.html

Eager for a public success, the Bush Administration has strong-armed lawmakers into re-drafting a final Patriot Act bill that actually makes the original law even worse. The new proposals reverse months of bipartisan negotiations and ignore the growing calls for reform from across the political spectrum.

A final vote is expected in the House and Senate THIS WEEK, so we need you to call your Members of Congress as soon as you can.  Take action now and and tell them to vote NO on the Patriot Act reauthorization bill. Click on the link to take action now - https://secure.aclu.org/callnow/readmore.html

Your call to Congress is urgently needed.  Americans of every political stripe want Patriot Act reform and we need to let Congress know that people across the country are watching this vote.

Click here to read more and Take Action at https://secure.aclu.org/callnow/readmore.html.

Thank you for standing up for freedom,
ACLU Action Alert Team

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