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Providing Safe, Secure, Objective Parole for Low Risk Prisoners

Michigan has one of the longest averages for time served in prison in the U.S.[1]  The average minimum sentence has increased 26 percent, reaching 9.5 years in 2015. The number one reason people are...

We Can't Afford Voter Suppression in Michigan

May 22, 2018
The right to vote is at risk for many in Michigan – and your state representative is to blame. Right now, they are poised to quickly pass dangerous legislation intended to restrict and suppress...


Voting Rights

It’s Time to Make Voting More Accessible and Secure in Michigan

April 17, 2018
Recently, I visited Alabama with the Faith and Politics Institute for Congressman John Lewis’ Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage. We visited civil rights monuments in Birmingham and Montgomery,...


Voting Rights

Remembering Dr. King

As the world pauses today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  it occurs to me that many were not around when it happened. He was killed in my...

From ICE raids to the State of the Union

By Britanny Hamama Tonight, my mom, Nahrain Hamama, is attending the State of the Union in Washington, DC, as a guest of U.S. Congressman Sander Levin. When my mom told me, I couldn’t believe it. I...

ICE Continues to Detain Hundreds of Iraqis Despite Lack of Evidence of Flight Risk or Danger

By: Monica Andrade, Skadden Fellow, and Bonsitu Kitaba-Gaviglio, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Michigan “What did we do to deserve this?” “If they’re being deported, why are they still in detention?  And...