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Democracy Watch: Flint Residents Ask EPA to Change Drinking Water Rule

The City of Flint took center stage Wednesday during a meeting of water experts considering proposed changes to the U.S. Environmental Protection...

Democracy Watch: Flint Water Crisis Rages On

You know things are bad when the best defense you can conjure is incompetence.

But that's exactly what Dan Wyant, director of Michigan...

Flint Water and the No-Blame Game

October 15, 2015

In last week’s press conference announcing that the city of Flint would finally be allowed to return to Detroit’s water system, Gov. Rick Snyder made it a point to note that placing blame for the...


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The Culprits in Flint's Water Scandal Need to Be Held Accountable

When Gov. Rick Snyder and a clutch of other officials stood shoulder-to-shoulder in Flint on Thursday to announce that the city would soon be returning to the Detroit system for its drinking water...