Jay Kaplan

Jay Kaplan has been the staff attorney for the ACLU of Michigan’s LGBT Project since its founding in 2001. He has worked on cases including challenging undercover sting operations targeting gay men, fighting Michigan’s constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying, defending the validity of second parent adoptions granted in Michigan, and recently advocating for a transgender high school student to be able to run for prom court. Jay was honored with the 2006 Unsung Hero Award from the Michigan State Bar and the 2010 Virginia Uribe Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association (NEA).

Jay is a graduate of Wayne State Law School. For 13 years he worked for Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) a disability rights agency and specialized in the areas of special education, vocational rehabilitation and guardianship reform. He founded the HIV/AIDS Advocacy Program at MPAS, which provides legal services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and served as staff attorney for the project for 7 years. He also implemented an information and legal referral program for sexual orientation legal issues and the development of a GLBT legal resource manual for Michigan. Prior to his work at MPAS he worked for several legal services programs, specializing in housing and family law issues.

LGBT Legal Project Staff Attorney