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ICE Lied to Court to Keep Iraqi Detainees Locked Up, ACLU Says; Asks Court to Release Detainees and Open Secret ICE Documents

August 29, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union asked the U.S. District Court in Detroit to release over 100 Iraqi nationals who have been illegally detained by U.S. immigration authorities,...

2018 Board of Directors Election

August 06, 2018

The ACLU of Michigan is conducting an election of members to its State Board. This year we elect 12 at-large candidates and 2 Local Unit candidates to the 22-member Board of Directors. Read the...


Voting Rights

Who's DeVos? A Closer Look at Trump's Choice for U.S. Secretary of Education

NOTE: The American Civil Liberties Union does not support or oppose candidates for elected or appointive office.

In November, President-elect Donald Trump chose...

Letter: Detroit City Clerk, Stop Misleading Detroit Voters About Need to Bring Picture ID to the Polls

The ACLU of Michigan sent a letter to Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey urging her to share correct information about Michigan's Voter ID law.



Voting Rights

Barry v. Lyon: Online Help Center For Disqualification Of Public Benefits

NOTICE ABOUT FOOD LOST DUE TO POWER OUTAGES:  If you lost food purchased with back benefits you received from this lawsuit, you must file a claim with DHHS WITHIN 10 DAYS OF...