Shelli Weisberg

Shelli Weisberg joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan staff in 2003 to continue the ACLU’s longstanding commitment to a proactive legislative agenda in Lansing. Her primary responsibility is to persuade the legislature and administrative agencies to enact or amend legislation consistent with civil liberties principles. Shelli is responsible for developing and maintaining the legislative program by building coalitions consistent with ACLU policy; educating, motivating and organizing ACLU members for grassroots activity; and educating the public on the importance of legislative and administrative processes in the protection of civil liberties.

Shelli has a Masters of Finance from Walsh College and a degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University. She is a graduate of the Michigan Political Leadership Program through Michigan State University and served as a trustee for the Birmingham Board of Education for ten years. Shelli has an extensive background in grassroots organizing and political activism for social justice issues.

Political Director